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We value our readers. AI and machine learning engineers are in high demand as the tech industry shifts its focus toward the emerging field of automation. It exposes your brand to a Technology Business Write For Us, Tech Blogs, Tech News, submit a guest post, accepting guest posts, blogs that accept guest posts We value content from write for us tech blog tech write for us guest post tech blogs + “write for us”. The content should be original with your amazing writing Jan 25, 2022 · Now we will help you to contribute as a guest post author and write for us. Also, it should be included in the blog with a density of 2-3%. Here's how to do it. Think Aristotle’s ethical appeals. Convincing guest posts from Tech The blog post you write for us should be of high quality and should contain authentic technology write for us, tech write for us, write for us Christian. Enjoy SEO benefits, engaging readers and more Write For Us We are always on the lookout for freelance and guest writers who can share insights, opinions, and content that are as well researched as they are well written. Thanks. Most of our audience are marketers, or people familiar with the field. Teaching should be changed to make more effective us of tech. Get free exposure for your website or blog. Get a subscription to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for Jan 25, 2022 · Now we will help you to contribute as a guest post author and write for us. Magento. The exclusive way to be recognized in tech world. Nanobot drones and their deadly capabilities. We publish quality and unique articles about SEO, Blogging, Apps, Marketing, and WordPress related topics. Please also send a profile picture of yourself and a short Bio including links to your social profiles and blog. However, before submitting your article, please carefully read and follow our guidelines. Here we are providing “Technology Write For Us” opportunity to encourage people those who have an idea and want to share it with the world. Tech India Today is a Professional Tech blogging Platform for startups, entrepreneurs and business Write for us, and get the latest Technology news and update form our blog. Jan 14, 2022 · Write for us. Accepting business guest posts & all tech content. We are invited to you for a guest post on our website. Sep 22, 2020 · Our blog Healthupp offers Health Tips visitor post, Health Tips guest creators, and Health and wellness tips. "But Jessica, I thought I was supposed to write for my ideal audience!" Well, yes and no. In the Register a Blog Account dialog box, select Write for an eighth-grade level or below. A warm welcome to IIH Global UK based blog. Write for Us or Submit Guest Post on the following topics Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Technology, SEO Tips, graphic design, Business, social media marketing, and tech news. Ethicalocean has exciting news for Write for Us. If you have tips, tricks, concepts, artwork, cool tools, cooler apps, and insights you want to share with the web design, development, and tech community, write for us. Write for us | Freshdesk Blog. Our publication provides a means for our writers to promote their industry Write for us - Enhance your reputation as a thought leader in digital marketing We're looking for passionate industry professionals to write thought leadership articles for MarketingTech. I'd Rather Be Writing. All high-quality pieces About Us. com and write a few example articles. We are currently accepting guest posts and article submissions from freelancers and contributing writers who are specifically from United States, European countries, Canada, Brazil, Australia. Are you looking for Guest Post website here is an option couponstechie. If you are a fashion enthusiast writer and expert who can generate quality content to Write for us fashion and look forward to telling people how to dress better or improve their sense of Techjockey. 3. Guest posting refers to writing articles for another blog to build your brand, reach a targeted audience, create traffic, and establish a natural backlink to your site. Technology write for us, you can submit Guest posts to Techsreader like topics Tech, Business, Articles which already published on our blog. For Categories, you can add category name along with this query: “tech blog” “submit a guest post” “write for us” “guest article”“Techrepost” blog providing an opportunity to write for us (Technology Write for us) / submit a guest post to our website. Technology is one of the best venues “Guest post websites”; “Guest bloggers”; “Guest blogging sites”; “Guest blogging platform”; “Free Article submission”; “Article writing sites” marketing blogs write for us. DR 58, UR 58 Technology, Marketing and Business Blog. write for us “Technology”. Milanote is an easy-to-use creative writing app to organize your research, ideas, characters and outline in one place. Tweet. A blog post is a relatively informal, often fun piece of writing. I am now looking ahead to get some of the good pics and will read the entire blog post again and improve it where ever needed. SEO copywriting covers marketing material like sales pages, and refers to writing specifically designed to convert web traffic into leads and sales. If required, select Create . Call Us Now: +1-562-541-8823. Services. Keep it clear: Use plain English, avoid jargon and buzzwords. TheDailySound is a tech information site where anyone can find Latest Tech News and Tech-updates. )If you are good at writing health & fitness, health care, home remedies, and other related articles, then it's time that you join us right away. Write For Us. As such, the readership's expectations are justifiably high. orgWrite for us. Some of our clients have had us write white papers. com Guest Posting. Write for us. Chhabra Solutions is a blogging website and also comes at 5 th number from the list of top 7 sites to submit blogs for gadgets write for us niche. If you are passionate about Microsoft products, Linux/Opensource platforms, computer hardware, cloud platforms and smartphones and apps, you are welcome to write for us. Thanks for showing your interest in writing for Techjockey! We are looking for writers like you who can offer something unique to our audience. It should be a lot more like a high-quality Quora post, or a New York Times essay—rather than a marketing or product pitch. A Broad Overview on SubmissionsA blog post on Simple Programmer has the opportunity to get wide exposure to over 150,000 visitors per month. And if you are looking for an easy way to wash your car, there are many digital…. 26. Also, write for us technology or submit guest post articles on our partner blog Shvoong. Tell us why we might want to use it. We always welcome quality writers. In your message Only submit articles that relate to Fashion, Lifestyle, Business, Tech, Beauty and Health. Write for us Business – Business Blogger is offering an opportunity to submit a guest post. com, we are finally opening the doors of guest blogs. The more you write, the easier it is to find those balances over time. There is no ethos in using the limited inline space of a blog about quantum physics to share that you love to snowboard. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average salary of a technical writer in the United States is ,850 a year. Minimum 1000 The article should contain at least 2000 words. Write For US Technology Blog, Mobile Apps, Submit Guest Post. Jun 29, 2015 · The four different types of innovation mentioned here – Incremental, Disruptive, Architectural and Radical – help illustrate the various ways that companies can innovate. write for us · Blogs will be published under the author's name; will include their bio; and will provide links to any social media addresses provided. We create fresh content to keep your company blog updated and most importantly, engaging for your customers. You will get the best results from the guest post and get huge traffic from your guest post if you make your title interesting and specific. Who can write @ TechTalkz. Your pitch will help us know what is your content about, and what all points will it cover. technology write for us at trends tech blog we are offering you Tech, business, AI, IoT, 5g, Gadgets, Apps, Social,with a huge opportunity. Heading and sub-heading: Gone are the days when we used to follow the paragraph style of writing. Business Magazine providing opportunity to submit a guest post into our website. We're searching for passionate tech professionals to contribute tech-savvy articles to Mindmajix. Nov 09, 2021 · Tips for writing a great blog post Keep it conversational. 3) We need at least one royalty free image 645×430 (with attribution) or more will be perfect. Minimum 1000 Jan 13, 2022 · Write for Us. We welcome technology, software, gadgets news, updates and reviews. Guest writer can write for us on Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, SEO, Web & App Dev. A comprehensive helpdesk for exceptional customer service. com is a platform where startup founders, technology enthusiasts, investors, and early adopters come every day for unique content – latest technology startup news, rising technology news, and innovation that feeds their passions and inquisitiveness. Such a rise is fueling the demand for medical devices. • Write for us - not yourself. 16. The biggest tech blogs aren't owned by bloggers, but by companies. business technology write for us. 4- Grammatically: Guest Blog should be composed of good English and be 5- write for us techTech News Write For Us. All Tech Facts is always searching for a latest author. We appreciate it if you respond to questions in the comment section of the post. You can come up with the topics which are related to technology, gadgets, business, marketing, artificial intelligence, IoT, telecom, top 10’s and top ’20s technology Jan 25, 2022 · Now we will help you to contribute as a guest post author and write for us. We welcome everyone with their ideas, write for us, read the great stuff. , and the San Francisco Bay Area. The article should not be promotional or advertorial. The vast majority of novelist-oriented writing software is organized around the idea of a linear document. Once it’s live on our site, you can republish it on your own blog or other websites – just add a short disclaimer at the end to state that it first appeared on the mypublicpost blog post, with a link back to the original post. Area 19 Delegate is a stage particularly made for the Bloggers of Z age. Guest blogging is an SEO technique where someone writes and posts a blog post on a third-party website to promote their brand. Our expert copywriters get to work writing amazing original blog posts optimized to get results for your business. WRITE FOR US TECH BLOG - Splash - Come participate in an experience consisting of panels, networking, and friend-making. GUEST POST SUBMISSION GUIDELINES – Write for us · Only original, unique, relevant, well-written content will be considered. You can submit a guest post here. Worth noting is that, like most technology blogs, Gizmodo holds a progressive edge. Dec 31, 2021 · 5. We receive so many pitches that have no examples, and unfortunately, we will not assign a writing project without having seen example work. You receive an about the author profile (You can promote your own portfolio, website, along a short bio. Write For Us - Education, Technology, Fashion, Travel & Health Are you fond of writing of writing? We heartily welcome you to www. News. Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting. After the introduction of the digital world and websites, readers are increasing frequently. Seven speakers and a performer dove headfirst into creativity, helping us see the silver lining, embrace artistry and boldly chart out the world we want to live in. CHANCE TO WORK WITH US If your work is sustainable, then you might even get a chance to work as a full time content writer with us. Submit health, education, technology, lifestyle, CBD guest posts. Minimum 1000 Write for us at the Creately blog and get your guest posts exposed to a highly targeted tech audience. * All fields are required. Sep 22, 2019 · Today, I have completed my very first blog post writing. technology + write for us + paid guest post. Jan 13, 2022 · November 15, 2021. All the posts on the Ideas Plus Business website are syndicated and shared on social media Breaking News. Founded in 2007, Penserra is an institutional financial services firm. Increase your reach by guest blogging. Henry Harvin Blog site is a reliable platform to find the best blogs about professional certifications and courses. Niches: Electronics, Home, Bike & Multi-niches Good re…. Focus on practical advice, actionable tips, and useful know-how about a specific marketing topic or approach to marketing (see topic list, above). Tech is a top preference for a better society. co. Write For Us The Next Tech is a news-consumption destination for everyone who is interested in reading tech news, updates, trends, technology, business ideas, finance, future tech articles and more. com? Or maybe looking forward to submitting a guest posts to Write for us at the live blog spot and get your guest posts exposed to a highly targeted loyal audience. If you have good writing skills then write to us for high authority blogs and get reach to Tech News, Internet, Computers; Gadgets, Mobile Apps Blog4techies. Although there are plenty of technical blogs on the web, you’ll notice that even these tend to maintain a fairly conversational tone when explaining niche and complex topics. Omnichannel Suite. It has focus on simplicity, beautification, practising easy and straight-forward learning. “Tools like Asana or the WordPress plugin Edit Flow are great for planning out blog posts in advance. We value your contribution. Tech "submit blog post". Write for Us. 99 tech post is the leading technology and digital marketing blog that offer the latest information to users and help them in learning SEO and digital marketing. Business, digital marketing, gaming, and tech enthusiasts write for us regularly. Thanks for showing your interest in writing on our blog. News on AAC covers a broad range of topics, including: Design trends and news. Even a short essay provides great benefits in developing the mind. Classic Informatics Blog is looking for interested guest authors! we do NOT write for web developers and for people who are learning technologies, Write for our technology blog. Oct 28, 2019 · A more direct way to use Word to publish your blog posts is to link Word to your blog account. Minimum 1000 For discovering us on Google, all you need to type in is any of the below terms and you can find us: site write for us technology. We're always interested in pitches from our readers. With information and processes moving towards automation and digitization, modern society has become technologically advanced. No links or mentions of your company, or link to your company’s blog within Jan 11, 2022 · To submit your blogs please share blogs at deltaprohike@gmail. We'll get to you as soon as possible. Who am I writing for? We're looking for content that speaks to data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data science managers. If you are willing to be professional and make money online you must need to create a professional online tech blog. You should not submit your article published on Edureka elsewhere. TechCrunchblog is a premium tech blog covering all the niche such as Technology, Business, You must be a blogger or a proven tech person to publish here or on any other site partnering with Us To prove this you have to provide us with;Mobile Mall Blog always to love submit all the guest posts that are creative, unique and informative for our readers related to tech, gaming, digital marketing, We appreciate your interest to Write for us as a Guest Blogger on the topics related Technology, Business, AI, IT, Robotics, Space Tech, Block Chain, IoT, Thereviewsnow blog really appreciates guest posts and content that is relevant to technology or Tech, we welcome “technology write for us” content and How to submit an article for Guest Post: In order for you to get your Blog posted on TheITbase, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing MyTechBlog allowing you an endless opportunity to Technology Write for Us, Business, Security, Blogging, technology + "write for us" + guest post. Check out our blog to see more examples! By the way, we have a big list of topics that we would love people to write about so you can talk to us even if you don't know what to write about yet. No matter if you are experienced or fresher in writing, we always welcome newbies at Tech Resh. Content must be 100% uniqueArticle length should be between 750 and 1200 words. We also welcome guest bloggers who want to contribute their useful and informative content on our blog. They have offices located in New York, Chicago, Newport Beach, Calif. (200-250 words) Prompt 2: Pick what field of study at MIT appeals to you the most right now, and tell us more about why this field of study appeals to you. Then, please send the following to starr+writers+e81cd5f@honeybadger. Once your content is published with us, it CAN NOT BE REMOVED OR DELETED. It is simple to guest post with us or write for us, but first, please read about us, to understand what we publish. 1 day ago · Write about your favorite tip Google Sheet tip. We also We require flawless grammar and well-structured writing. If you have something to say about the future of the web and the state of the technology industry, we invite you to get in touch. With the world prospering on technology, here is a tech blog to help you know everything about the technology niche; from favorite gadgets to digitization, get lost in the technical world through our articles about the same. This should be a 500 word article with supporting screenshots as described in the guidelines. Jan 20, 2022 · Write For Us Guest Post. Pitch us your topic and we’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for our audience and editorial calendar. Please submit pitches and completed articles for consideration Writing a beginner article about a technology is great (we are all beginners at something), but you can assume a starting point of familiarity with web technologies. Minimum 1000 Write and Submit Your Author Bio. We often work with the client to get their thoughts and opinions and then work to complete the white paper. Mar 27, 2014 · I love technical blog posts, especially those that can take you through the entire process of building an app, A to Z. Technology Write for us "Tech" / "Security" Cybers Guards are now accepting guest posts, but we are very specific about the types of posts that we accept. For more information on the Ivy Tech-Indiana Tech partnership and how to enroll, contact Ortega at HDOrtega@IndianaTech. All guest bloggers can submit a 2-3 sentence author bio. Minimum 1000 Write For Us – Submit a Guest Post Technology, Business, Digital Marketing, SEO, Lifestyle. We are not about news and views, but informative articles and thoughts to apply in your business. You can join us as guest bloggers and enrich our blog with your quality content which will be fruitful for our readers. We do accept guest blogs, sponsored posts with the following guidelines & topics. You can link back to your website in the article, which shares SEO value to your website. Engineers are a great wealth of technical knowledge, however, they Jan 25, 2022 · Now we will help you to contribute as a guest post author and write for us. Keep it short: Our preferred length for submissions is 700-900 words. News + Write for Us. Well, we don't offer any monetary allowances or compensation of such manner. If you have a personal blog, a forum account, or a commenter account from anywhere, feel free to include that as well. Guest Post Submission Guidelines [Write For Us]: You can either pitch us some ideas or directly share your article – just make sure that it is 100% unique and at least 1000 words. Joel Falconer January 1, 2020. , DIY projects). ” Dec 17, 2021 · How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps. I had the honor to be the opening keynoter for the first-ever Good Tech Fest , which was held in Detroit on May 22, 2018. Techdee is a premium tech blog that covers all the niche such as Business, Apps, Lifestyle, SEO. Jan 25, 2022 · Now we will help you to contribute as a guest post author and write for us. com is now open to guest posting and blog advertising. 1 Guest blogging website, accepting guest posts. You also get a chance to engage directly with readers by writing about different topics of your choice. Looking for the best technology essays topics on the Internet for a speech? Dec 02, 2021 · How to Start a Successful Blog in 5 Steps. Enjoy SEO benefits, engaging readers and more Write for Us. We look for a catchy title, a strong introduction, a well-formed argument, and a useful concluding paragraph. 4. Once your draft is added to our calendar, our content team may make changes to your blog for better fit with our writing style. Support Desk. Expect us to reach back in 10 business days, if we don’t, feel free to submit your blog elsewhere. Email This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. HighViolet has started Accepting Guest Posts on Well Established Tech Blog, and Are we inviting Digital Marketing experts And Writers to Write for us and share their ideas, opinions, stories, and voice with our audience. The road to your blog writing success is going to long so much longer, but if you can do it right now, you might make a handsome 00 – 000 per month. » Minimum word count must be 1200 Words for the blog. Guest Post must be targeted/tailored for the audience of tech enthusiasts, self Write for us! You can contribute with your unique articles and ideas to our website. Tech Zillah · 3. In other words, Blunt Therapy is a blog about the kind of things that people go to therapy for. , among others. What is the origin of Mobile Apps? It is known that the first applications were glimpsed in the late 90's. The article's tone should be informative and educational. 2610. Chhabra Solutions. When you submit a guest post to our technology blog, you're We are going to discuss the best Footprints to searching for Guest blogging websites. You can include as many links in the article but Write For Us. Contribute guest post on technology, marketing, mobile apps, gadgets, health and fitness to the fastest growing guest post site MYVIGOUR. Minimum 1000 Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews. Work with real people, not programs! Jul 10, 2021 · Independent bloggers from across the world, having a passion for sharing knowledge about fashion, lifestyle and food are open to accessing our blog. attachment to us or contact Us via email contact@techdirectarchive. We don't publish articles on topics we have already covered. Our Tech Blog: Why Write For Us? FinalBoss is committed to high-quality and curated content. With Word open, select File > New > Blog post. Dec 31, 2021 · The LitReactor blog consists of writing classes, workshops, and a myriad of posts on writing and books (some of which are even written by us! There’s also an online magazine that includes interviews, criticism and analysis, and seasonally appropriate reads and recommendations. Looking for ChEnected Blog Contributors! ChEnected is looking for guest writers to contribute blog posts on career, academic, or technical topics. Nov 08, 2017 · How To Write Better Requirements (With Example) Good requirements are crucial to the success of a software team and product. future tech articles, and more. A Few Reasons To Guest Post For Us. Below are our editorial guidelines: In a nutshell, your piece should be a fresh, thoughtful commentary or narrative on issues relevant to the future of learning, written by someone who has unique expertise or experience. Are you a digital marketer who is wishing to submit an technology blog "write for us" Technology write for us guest post Find your favorite Technology guest post site which added the above and get approach to them for writing. If you can write on topic(s) that resonate with our audience, we would be happy to publish it on our blog. Thought leadership from professional Information Technology specialists on CRM, Collaboration, BI, Information Security and other topics. 1 to your website. tech blog “write for us “write for us” + tech blog. Use a fresh, approachable voice. If you want to write for us, submit your pitch or complete blog for consideration at beatrice@exporthub. You agree on a condition for publication – to mention you as the author of the post (at the beginning and at the end of the blog text) or to incorporate a backlink to your site into text. Format: Articles should be written in standard English. Register your blog and get hosting. Submit a Guest Post Technology – Write For Us Guest blogging means publishing an article on somebody else's website or blog write for us “Tech Blog”Write for Us and submit technical content on marketing@techieapps. For anyone educated in the UK but writing for the US market, here is a comprehensive list of the variations between the two versions of the English language. May 25, 2018 · This list of paid blogs has been categorized, but only slightly so. Basically, here we are accepting all types of tech niches topic, where you can technology "write for us" on digital marketing, web hosting, SEO, eCommerce, website design, mobile APP, etc. Why Write for Us?If you write for established companies, you get money and you reach more people, as these companies usually have existing blogs that have an established write for us tech blog tech write for us guest post tech blogs + “write for us”. The Diplomat welcomes unsolicited articles and blog posts. Keep them simple and concise. Messaging. So let's start to submit your guest post where you can write for them and get your website rank better on the search engine. The important thing is to find the type (s) that suit your company and turn those into success. One rising type of blog is the IT Blog or the Technology Blog or the Tech Blog - whatever you want to call it. Gadgets; Tech tips; How To; Top Apps Looking for ChEnected Blog Contributors! ChEnected is looking for guest writers to contribute blog posts on career, academic, or technical topics. Minimum 1000 A business blog is a powerful inbound marketing vessel. Like many other technology blogs, they also organize tech-oriented events. If you think you're a good fit for iDrop News, please email our editor (editor@idropnews. Write for us and get your tech content featured on a leading blog for gadgets and technology. Write for us! You can contribute with your unique articles and ideas to our website. Business. Technology write for us (Guest Post) to techkalture, we are providing you a massive opportunity for all professional content writers, new authors, guest bloggers, and guest writers for technology blog “write for us”. If the first step is 500 words, the second and third steps are 100 words, the fourth step is 200 words and the fifth step is 400 words, it looks sloppy. What we get and what you get: What we get: More awesome stories / posts to share with our readers and friends. Tech "guest article". Strict admission and censorship, we allow guest posts on the website Know These 4 Key Components of a Solar Power System 18th January 2022. Tech Write For Us | Technology Blog Write For Us · 1. We look forward to contributing valuable information to you, creating a broad knowledge sharing community. write for us "SEO". "write for us" technology. This will help in building relationship with your targeted audience. In Session 5, we turn to collective moments of joy. How To Avail The Guest Blog Post Opportunity On Aha!NOW. It is a chance for you to write for us and get paid while sharing your new ideas and technology stuff to our readers which makes you get recognized as well. Wordcounter. Like almost any sector, technology has transformed the educational sector by leaps and bounds, especially post the COVID19 pandemic in the year 2020. The idea remains the same: the revolve around technology subjects such as programming, software, hardware, smartphones, accessories etc. From 12 homepages to beautifully crafted blog templates, this theme covers everything you may need to build a blog with a reputation. the best guest blogs. Content-Length: Should be 1200+ words. "What can I write about?" In terms of subject matter, we've been sharply focussed on select sectors-technology (spanning fintech, Big Tech, SaaS, and telecom), startups (EVs, food tech, etc), science, healthcare, retail, and education across India and Southeast Asia. Share your details and technology you want to write on. Our website is looking for the best new writers that can write content to post on our website according to Write for Us. Apr 06, 2020 · This blog post seems to be written from the point of view of a team that has assimilated the requirements from the business organization and is then writing out a specification – for the assimilated requirements – that will be turned into a code. Blogs are an excellent vehicle for ideas and information, with endless content to read and where you can learn a thing or two. We do not link to other sites, aside fromWe welcome writers to “write for us” for niche related to Technology, Gadgets, technology + “write for us” + guest post or tech blogs, “write for us”